Friday, November 17, 2006


Some movie recommendations

Israel Palestinian Trip Group Reflection

Here are some movie recommendations I've been meaning to suggest to everyone. I rented all these through Netflix:

Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs. A PBS documentary series outlining the diplomatic efforts of the 90s leading up to Camp David II with Barak/Arafat. This would be a good follow up especially for those who heard Rashid Khalidi last night.

Paradise Now. This is an "Indie" movie telling the story of a pair of suicide bombers, and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Death in Gaza. This is a documentary about a camera man who died in Gaza filming the effects of war o! n children. The IDF shot him, and the trial is still pending.

Salt and Light: The Story of Palestinian Christians in the Upper West Bank. I lent this to a seminary student, and am willing to lend it when it comes back.

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