Saturday, November 04, 2006


Quick Sunday Update

From Mac, Scottsdale, AZ:

Greetings Friends, It is Sunday morning and our group is doing fine. We are presently staying in Beit Sahur just outside of Bethlehem. This morning we will worship in the Greek Orthodox church in Beit Sahur then we will visit Masada, Qumran, the Dead Sea (we're bringing our bathing suits!), and Jericho.

We have had a wonderful guide throughout our trip. His name is Rami and he teaches at Bethlehem Bible College. He has degrees in Biblical History and Archaeology and a great sense of humor. He also is a Palestinian Christian, so he provides great insights into the conflict from that perspective. He has guided us through the Old City of Jerusalem, Herodian, Bethleham,Solomon's Pools, and more. He also picks some fabulous restaurants for lunch and authentic Arab food.

Yesterday we were in Ramallah, primarily at Bier Zeit University where we met with Palestinian students and the University Delegations and Events Coordinator. We listened to their personal stories and perspectives. Classes were cancelled because of troubles that had taken place in Gaza, so many students were available to talk to us. They love their land and country of Palestine.

Later we went to the village of Aboud and had worship. Aboud is home to an ancient church founded by Armenian Christians in most likely the second century. It was a beautiful village in hill country. All around the village were hills of ancient Olive Trees. After the intensity of Ramallah it was good to see the peaceful, simple ways of families and individuals picking olives on these hills.

Off to worship....

Mac, Just south of Jericho, look for the Moshav Faetz'el. That's where I worked for 2 months. I'm curious if it still is a collective farm.
Just built one of my best forts for Tory and Skye. What great kids!
Peace be with you. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return safely to us.

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Moshav Faetz'el. It was night time when we got to Jericho, so we got only a brief tour of the city. It was very cool to see the DEad Sea, Masada and Qumran! Thanks for your help with the kids.
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