Thursday, November 09, 2006


Picture Update

From Mac, Scottsdale, AZ:

This is Rabbi Ascherman from Rabbis For Human Rights (whom I talked about in a previous entry).

Our group at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scolls were found. It was an unusually cool day at Qumran. The Dead Sea area is known for its heat, so we were fortunate.

When we were in Hebron we visited the Mosque where the Patriarchs are buried. The women in our group had to wear these hooded robes to enter the Mosque. This is Jan in her outfit!

This is our group at Masada where the Jewish Zealots held out against the Roman army a few years after the Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem. Herod the Great also built himself quite the palace on Masada.

This is Rami, our tour guide and a teacher at Bethleham Bible College. In this picture he is leading us at Qumran.

On this trip we have met with over 20 peacemaking groups. This is our groups typical posture: listening and taking notes.

Father Diab is an Anglican Priest who met us in Nablus yesterday. He is very concerned about the declining number of Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land. He guided us through the city of Nablus yesterday and took us to the traditional site of Jacob's Well. Jacob's Well is where Jesus met the Samaritan woman. Our group all drank out of the well. There were strikes in Nablus yesterday in protest over the 20 people (7 of which were children) who were killed in the Gaza Strip.

This is a picture from a cave at the Tent of Nations Vineyard outside of Bethleham. The Vineyard is owned by this palestinain man in the picture. The murals next to him are family members who have owned the vineyard before him. It has been passed down through generations. The Vineyard is used for group interfaith dialogue.

Alex Awad (whom I had an entry on earlier), Dean of Students at Bethleham Bible College.

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