Friday, November 10, 2006


Mar Elias School & More...

From Mac, Scottsdale, AZ:

Yesterday we made our way to Nazareth from Nablus. We came across this wonderful view of the Jordan Valley.

Our wonderful Guides: (from Left to Right): Maher our amazing bus driver, Christy from Middle East Fellowship, and Rami

A Beautiful Peace & Reconciliation Mural at the Mar Elias School. Mar Elias School is in Ibillin, a small town outside of Nazareth and was founded by Archbishop Elias Chacour author of the book 'Blood Brothers' (a must read). This school is a very hopeful place with Muslim and Christian students. There is an emphasis within every classroom on peace and reconciliation. One of the main goals of the school and university is to raise up a new generation of young people who are tolerant and respectful of others. The University is connected to The University of Indianapolis in Indiana. The university students are required to spend a summer doing classes in Indianapolis.

High School Kids in English Class at Mar Elias School

Our group at Mar Elias School

Elias Abugahnama, Associate Director of Mar Elias High School

Elias Jabbour, director of House of Hope. Mr. Jabbour created a safe space for Palestinian Christians, Muslims, Druzes, and Jews to dialogue and build relationships. He is a spirited Palestinian Christian with a great deal of hope.

A beautiful view of the Ba'hai Gardens and the city of Haifa from Mt. Carmel. Mt. Carmel is where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal.

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