Sunday, October 15, 2006


Trip Participants From Pinnacle

From Mac, Scottsdale, AZ

Greetings To Fellow Pinnacle Presbyterian Church Members, Fellow Trip Goers, and Others.... I wanted to put up a picture of Dave and I so that PPC church members who check this blog will know who is going from Pinnacle (Pinnacle has almost 1400 members so its more than possible that PPC members might not know Dave). For those of you going on the trip, now you know who to look for when we meet you at the airport in a few weeks!

Hi Mac - Good to have your & Dave's picture. You were much in our thoughts and discussions at the meeting with Christy yesterday.
It'll be great to be on another significant international trip with you (after past trips to Haiti). We look forward to seeing you and Dave at Kennedy - 1 week from today!
Shalom/Salaam - Barb
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