Thursday, October 26, 2006



This is my first "blogging" experience. At first I didn't think that I would even sign in, but Mac went to the trouble to set this up, and I have found myself telling everyone I know about PCOL's website and blog. I have also noticed that I have been in touch with all my very close and beloved friends. Some did not know that I was leaving for Israel, others remembered and have been saying "peace be with you." I am so thrilled to be on an adult mission trip, I cannot even express it here. I have been in constant prayer and have asked for the prayers of my friends and colleagues. I know that we are all called to be together and travel to the middle east. Shalom will have yet another meaning for me and my future writing and teaching. Shalom.

Marcia, Deanna, and everyone else, blessings on your journey. Hope this trip is full of pleasant surprises and challenges that test you and deepen your faith. Prayers are with you daily. God bless! Laurie
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